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As you may know I can’t stand bad sharpeners.  It makes what I do look bad and gives you a head ack when your tools will not work.   There is now a mission to establish the highest standards of shear and clipper sharpening excellence.  One by the (NSSG) National Shear sharpening Guild and the (N.B.T.S.G) National Beauty Tools Sharpeners Guild. Both of which I have high regards for.   The idea in both is to educate and train sharpeners in the beauty industry so stylist like your self have a reliable source of qualified professional sharpeners.

Both Guilds have Certification programs to test the skills of the sharpeners.  You are graded on the quality of work by people who have many years of experience in the industry.  Of course its not fee, to become a certified sharpener it can cost up words of $1000.00. I say this only to tell you that the sharpeners are looking to change the beauty industry by helping you not themselves.  It’s one of my goals to be part of both but starting with the N.B.T.S.G.  I know I have the skills to make it happen. There are deferent levels that a sharpener may qualify for, but in the end it is to educate the sharpener as well as the stylist. Check out the web-sites and

By Jeff Schaewe of Eclipse Sharpening Service

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