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How do I find a sharpener I can trust?

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In the last few years there has be an increase of shear sharpeners all over.  They stop by your salon and ask if you need your shears sharpened? How do you know if this person has the skills and knowledge to sharpen your shears with out ruining them? You don’t but here are some questions you can ask. What kind of equipment do you use? The answer should be  a Flat Hone machine and an Japanese water stone. That is what I have been using for 6 years. Ok so they have the right equipment but do they have the skills?  Time can tell. Ask how long have you been sharpening shears and ask for some referrals.  The biggest thing with this is, to not wait till your shears are so dull that they will not cut. Take some time to research for a local sharpener.  Go to, with that in mind you can save your shears from being ruined by someone who has no idea of what they are doing.


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