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Choosing the right handle style can save your career!

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You may know of some one who can’t cut hair to long because there hand will get sore and it becomes painful.  Do you know why this is?  Chances are the shears they are using are not ergonomic shears. Ergonomic shears are made to hug the hand and require less movement to achieve the same result.  Of course keeping your shears sharp in a big part of that but if your shears don’t feel good in your hand in might be time to take a look at some new ones. The repetitive wrist motion required too open and close shears causes the Median Nerve in your hand to rub against a narrow space in the underside of your wrist called the Carpal Tunnel. Repeat this thousands of times and you guess it, Your hand will be sore. The handle style on the shear plays a part in how long you can cut hair.  You may want to take a look at off-set handles on shears to help prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in your hand.  Another kind for handle is called the twister. This shears will allow your thumb to swivel in turn helping to keep you’re your hand, wrist, and arm in a more naturally position.  There by reducing wrist movement and presser on the Median Nerve. I would say when shopping for a new pair of shears start with the handle style, and then move on to the size and overall quality of that shear.

Next time we will take a look at the steel the shears are made out of and what to look for when it comes to the quality of steel.

By Jeff Schaewe

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