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How I got into the Business.

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            How I got into the Business of Shear Sharpening

          In 2005 I was doing my regular 6 week appointment with my regular beautician and we got to talking about what I did for a living.  I told her that I sharpen metal cutting tools. She asked me, “Can you sharpen my shears?” My usual response was “No, I don’t have the proper tools and I wouldn’t want to ruin your shears because I don’t know how, why do you ask?  

     The common responses I would get is that it’s hard to find someone who can sharpen their shears properly.  I found out their shears could cost anywhere from $100-$500!  I couldn’t believe their shears were so expensive, I could understand that handing over their expensive tools to someone they didn’t know or trust could make them quite nervous.  I would be leery as well to hand over my expensive shears to someone who might damage or ruin them.                                                        

      After that conversation I really started thinking about it, could I do this? How do I go about finding more information?  For about a year I did my research, looked all over the Internet. I found A great company called Bonika Shears to show me the ropes.  In June 2005 I applied for my business license and after a couple of months of training hit the pavement.  Let me tell you it was not easy. These beauticians didn’t want to just hand their shears over to just anybody and for good reason.   I knew I had to earn their trust and explain what process I used to sharpen their high end shears.

     With my shear sharpening services off and running I offered  a 100% guarantee.  If for some reason after I leave, they find something wrong with my quality of work, I offer to come out for FREE to make it right. If for some reason I damage or ruin their shears I offer to replace them at my own expense. So far in all my years of Shear Sharpening I have not had to replace any one’s shears.  🙂



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