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Sharpening of all Shears including Thinning, or Texturizing shears

True Left handed or Right handed  with convex or beveled edge.

 Local On-Site sharpening


 Click here for mail order form & shipping Instructions(PDF)

High End Shears—————-$25.00* 

 *Price increase 6-1-2016  to 25.00 per pair.*

Fix bumper only ————————$4.00                    

New finger rest only——————–$4.00                            

Ring Inserts————————-$2.50 each

Clipper Blades———————–$8.00 (not available on-site)

Sorry I do not sharpen ceramic blades but I can replace the ceramic cutter with a steel one or a new ceramic blade if in stock.Cost may vary

Clipper Repair ———————-$21.50 plus parts 

If parts are available it can be fixed only if it makes sense, sometimes it might be best to buy a new one

Shipping  Back to you————$7.15 – $13.60

If it fits it ships with flat rate box from USPS

Pet Grooming scissors————-$18.00                                               

*If  in bad condition price may vary

loaner Shears are available  if needed at time of sharpening

 Shear sharpening is Guaranteed for up to 10 days in most cases.

Prices subject to change without notice.   Prices include Taxes.

(WAC 458-20-173): Sharpening is considered “BEAUTIFYING/REPAIRING/ALTERING/IMPROVING the tangible personal property of consumers” and is a TAXABLE SERVICE in the State of Washington

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