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“We want to thank Jeff and Eclipse Sharpening for their commitment to the industry. Eclipse Sharpening has been invited to our college over the years for not only their quality service, but also for taking time to put on classes and educating our students and staff on how better care for our equipment. I look forward to working with Jeff for the years to come and thank him his support to beauty education.”
Frank M. Trieu
Director of Education Evergreen Beauty College



Jeff and I talked for years about the guy that sharpened our shears at
the salon. No one really like him but no one else came by. Once Jeff
got trained I was one of the first to have him sharpen my shears. I
love how sharp they are and he has great customer service! I refer him
to all my girls in the shop!
Amanda   Crescent Moon Design  AKA Cio Hair Salon in Fairwood,  Wa.


Jeff sharpened my shears for the first time about 3 years ago.  I had a
horrible sharpening done on my favorite pair of shears and thought for
sure they were trashed when he walked into the salon I was working at
at that time.  He said he would take try to fix them. I didn’t know him
but he seemed very knowlegable.  I thought they were toast anyways but
ill see what happens. When he was done with them they felt like they
were cutting through butter! It was like a whole new pair of shears.
I’ve have been calling on him ever since.  I refuse to let anyone else
touch my shears!
Diane Butzberger at CJ Salon in Tacoma Wa.

Recently had sent my scissors to Eclipse and they did a great job
sharpening my scissors. I have tried a few places and was not
satisfied with the job that was done. My scissors are cutting like
they were when I first purchased them. I will be recommending Eclipse.
Thanks for the great job!
Dianne Neil Of Hairpatterns Albrightsville, PA



From Alan McElroy
I just had my scissors sharpened by Jeff. The workmanship was
excellent and the customer service was even better. I would highly
recommend his services.
Alan McElroy                8-28-2016


Jeff did a great job with my shears!
 Lorraine Schweikhard review from Google
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